Why earHero Sports?

So you’re interested in earHero Sports but you’re just not sure what makes these earphones so great?  Well this is the post for you.

We’ve talked a lot lately about the programs we offer, how to wear your earHeros and about some of the reviews we’ve gotten.  We haven’t really given you an in depth look at why these are the earphones you want.  Well that changes today.

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Why You Should Never Ride With Only One Earbud In.

If you haven’t noticed yet, here at earHero Sports, our primary focus is athlete safety.

We firmly believe our earphones are the best combination of sound quality and rider safety on the market.


earHero Sports earphones use balanced armature speakers (see our in-depth description here) that allows ambient noise to pass over the speakers, reaching your inner ear.  This allows you, the rider, to enjoy your favorite music while still maintaining awareness of everything around you.

However, we’ve repeatedly heard one specific argument from riders.  It usually goes something like –  “I use traditional earbuds. I just leave one out.”

While this is certainly safer than plugging both ears with traditional earbuds, it is still far less than ideal.

The reason?  Binaural Hearing.

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earHero Sport: How To Care For Your Earphones

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You’ve just un-boxed your new earHero Sport earphones.  Maybe you’ve tested them out a few times.  You of course love this new purchase and look forward to many, many miles of training with your new earphones.

So, how do you ensure the earphones last for all of those miles?  Yes, earHero Sport earphones are made from the highest quality material and use top of the line speakers, but if you don’t take proper care of your earphones, you run the risk of significantly reducing their lifespan.

With that in mind, let this handy guide help you keep your earHero Sport earphones working just like the first day.  Ride after ride.  Mile after mile. Continue reading

earHero Sport: Bootcamp.com Interview with Matt Murphy

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We’ve highlighted the origin story of earHero Sport.  
We’ve discussed the safety features.
We’ve been over the benefits of listening to music while training.


But you don’t have to take our word for it.  earHero creator Matt Murphy was interviewed by Bootcamp.com, a tech blog that reviews gadgets and gear.  Matt’s interview covers several aspects of earHero earphones, including the origin of the product and several unique aspects of earHero Sport earphones. Continue reading

earHero Sport Review: Australian Triathlete

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At earHero Sports we’re passionate about our earphones.  So naturally, when someone tries and loves our product, we want to know about it.  We’ve recently heard from a group of happy testers and are excited to share their findings with you.

earHero Sport earphones were featured in this month’s Australian Triathlete magazine.  This is our second review from a major publication, after Ride On Magazine’s review in February.  They had some really great things to say about earHero Sport after some preliminary testing.

While the full review won’t be out until next month’s issue, Australian Triathlete was amazed by early results and we wanted to share some of their early observations.

Developed for the FBI and CIA

We’ve detailed this at length but it’s a point that bears repeating.  Hundreds of Secret Service, FBI and CIA agents use our earphones.  If they’re good enough for the Secret Service, shouldn’t you give them a try?

Don’t Miss a Single Sound

Our unique speakers sit inside the ear canal, allowing sound to pass through to your eardrums.  You’ll never miss a sound while you’re training.  You can’t put a price tag on that kind of safety.

Retention Lock

Our patented retention lock keeps the earphones secured comfortably inside your ear.  This means you can wear them for hour upon hour of vigorous training without fear of your earphones falling out.

 The folks over at Australian Triathlete found earHero Sport earphones to be “truly amazing” during their early trial runs, pointing out that this product delivers on its promise.  We take great pride in that kind of feedback.  earHero Sport earphones are meant to provide you with the absolute best in sound quality and safety and we strive to deliver on that promise.

We certainly thank the folks over at Australian Triathlete for featuring us in this month’s magazine and we can’t wait to see their full review.  We’ll be sure to post their findings here once they’re released.  Until then you can read their preliminary earHero Sport review below.

EHS_AusTriMag (2)

Interested in your own pair of the only earphones designed with your safety in mind?  Then get your earHero Sport earphones today!

earHero Sport Earphones: Not Just for Cycling

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So you’re a cyclist right?
Are on the fence about of a set of safe, high quality earphones that let you hear everything around you while training. 

Maybe you’ve looked over the Frequently Asked Questions.  You’ve read about the safety features.  You’ve explored the origins of the earphones themselves.  But maybe you’re just not quite sure about earHero Sport yet.

Fair enough.  Let’s take a few minutes then and take a look at the other ways you can use your earHero Sport earphones to get the best bang for your buck. Continue reading

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