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earHero Sport: Frequently Asked Questions

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We’re sure you have some questions about earHero Sports earphones.  Fortunately, we have answers!

Product Questions

Will my earHero Sports earphones work with the iPhone?

Absolutely. The 3.5mm 3-pole stereo jack will work perfectly with your iPhone, Android Phone, CD Discman, or even 1987 Sony Walkman. Yes, some of us here are old enough to remember riding with a walkman listening to Tony Robbins motivational audio cassettes!

How should I store my earHero Sports earphones?

Given the unique construction, to enable total sound awareness, it’s important that when you’re not out training that you store your earHero Sports earphones in the custom storage case for protection. This will protect the earphones from accidental damage, ensuring your earphones will be available to use while training for years to come.

How should I care for my earHero Sport earphones?

As with all high end equipment proper care is essential. Make sure to keep the earpieces clean (see below in the Support section for cleaning instructions). Try to keep the cables from tangling and knotting. Also, store your earphones in the protective case that comes with your order.

What is the length of the cable?

Your earHero Sport earphones have a 135cm cables which will allow for safe storage of your iPhone, iPod or audio device in your cycling jersey or back pocket.

Does it come with volume control?

No. earHero Sport earphones are all about safety, so we’ve designed these to minimize distractions during training sessions. If you really need that extra feature of volume control, you can find third party adapters through Amazon or ebay.

Does it comes with a microphone ?

As with the volume control, microphones are an extra distraction while riding and therefore not offered as part of the earHero Sport package. You can also find third party microphone adapter online if you’re interested.

earHero Sport earphones are 'sweat resistant', but are they 'water proof'?

earHero Sport earphyones are not “water proof” by the true definition so we can’t give you any technical grade or fancy rating. However, since the speaker portion is worn deep in the ear canal it is very resistant to sweat and rain.

Support + Warranty Claims

I think my earHero Sport earphones are faulty, what do I do ?

Oftentimes earwax can build up in earbud style earphones which can lead to a blockage in the earpiece. Fortunately, earHero Sport earphones are designed with a removable wax guard that can be removed and cleaned. On the end of the earpiece speaker you will find a small white ring. This is the wax guard. Carefully remove the guard from earpiece and soak it in hydrogen peroxide to remove the wax buildup. Just be sure the guard is COMPLETELY dry before re-installing on the earpiece. If that doesn’t fix the issue and your earHeroes are still under the original 30 day guarantee or the product warranty you can click here to arrange a return. If you have questions outside of the warranty period you can email us here. We’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

If you have questions outside of the warranty period you can email us at support@earherosports.com.au.


How do I get my bonus AudioBook?

Once you place your order we’ll send you an email with all the details about your free audiobook… but if you can’t wait, we’ve teamed up with the world’s leading provider of premium digital content, Audible.com, so you can choose a free audiobook from more than 100,000 titles.

Obviously earHero Sports are a much safer way to listen to your music while training, but why not listen to an inspiring story from the sports greatest heroes like Chris Froome or Chris McCormick. Audiobooks are a great way to stay motivated during those endless training rides. Audible’s has a massive selection to choose from.

Some of our favorites include:

The Climb by Tour de France Champion Chris Froome

I’m Here to Win by Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

Paris-Roubaix: The Inside Story: All the Bumps of Cycling’s Cobbled Classic by Les Woodland

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

To claim your bonus audiobook, just head over to our special Audible page here and make your selection. We’ve worked with the team at Audible to get you a 30-day trial of their amazing service. Just register an account, download the book of your choice at no cost, plugin in your earHero Sports earphones, and away you go! There’s no obligation to use the 30-day trial offer but you do have the option for continuing this amazing service with Audible. The earHero Sport team has been using Audible for years and we absolutely love it. So we thought we’d pull some strings, give you this bonus thank-you gift, and introduce you to something that has made our rides a lot more enjoyable.

How do I get my bonus Bike Game Changer video session?

You should receive a link to your free video within a day or two of your order. If you don’t receive the link by the third day, just shoot us an email via support@earherosports.com.au

How much is shipping?

We’ll pay your shipping!


Can I buy EarHeros in Australian retail stores?

Selected Cycling and Sports retailer across the country do stock earHero Sports.

I’m an Australia retailer. Can I sell EarHeros?

Absolutely! We’d love you to help our mission of safer cycling across the country. Please give us a call on 03 9536 2816 or email support@earherosports.com.au for more information.

Club and Affiliate Programs

I'm with a Cycling / Triathlon Club, what can you offer our team?

We have an amazing Club Program, that allows your athletes to get access to earHero Sports earphones at an exclusive discount price. You even get to choose the price for your athletes (within certain parameters of course). Find out more here.

I'd love to tell my community about earHero Sports earphones. Do you have a program for me?

We sure do. earHero Sport offers a very unique and rewarding affiliate program that balances both great commissions for you the affiliate, and discount pricing for your audience! Click here for more information

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