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RideOn Magazine Review

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earHero Sports was recently lucky enough to be featured in the Australian Bicycle Network magazine rideOn.  We received a respectable 75% rating overall, which we are super proud of.  This is a great start considering we’ve only been in the market for a few months.  This is also just the first version a of the product and things will only get better from here.

Here’s the review.  Be sure to check out our responses to some of the critiques as well.




Again, we’re incredibly happy with what we feel is a very fair review.  We’d like to take a few minutes though to address some of rideOn’s concerns.

Sound Quality

As noted in the review, earHero Sport earphones don’t seal the ear canal.  This is by design and is necessary to allow ambient noise in.  This also allows the sound to “bleed out” starting with the base range resulting in a higher pitched, less bass driven sound.

The  speakers used in earHero Sport earphones are hearing aid quality and measure up against anything on the earbud market today.  In fact, the balanced armature speakers used in earHero Sport headphones are also found in high end earbuds like Shure and retail for as much as $279.

Most high end earbuds like Shure are only focused on  sound quality. They seal off the ear canal, keeping speaker sound from bleeding out but also preventing ambient sound from getting in.  earHero Sport earphones are focused on safety.  They don’t seal the ear canal resulting in some “bleed out” but allowing complete awareness of your surroundings.

We’re not looking to reproduce concert quality sound here.  We do want to give you the ability to safely listen to your favorite music, audio books or podcasts during training without blocking the sounds of everything around you.  There’s no need to ride with one earbud left out while using earHero Sport!

Price Point

We also wanted to address the 5/10 price rating.  Sure we know we’re not the cheapest earphones on the market, especially when you consider most cyclists use the distinctive, white, Apple earbuds.  However, earHero Sport earphones compare favorably to other high end earphones (like Shure) that see prices range from $130-$300 USD.  earHero Sport earphones use high quality speakers on par with anything on the earbud market today.  The difference, as noted above is that our focus is on rider safety.

Note for Austrailian customers – The RRP in the US is $149.95, a price that remains competetive with other high end earbuds.  When you perform a straight currency conversion to AUD it equates to $191.22 (at time of writing 4/3/2015).  That’s right Aussies, at $169.95AUD, earHero Sport earphones are cheaper than in the US! How often does that happen with technology! 


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