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earHero Sports: Fundraising Program

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Are you training for a bike ride to raise money for charity? Let Us Help!

Are you doing the Ride To Conquer Cancer in Australia?  The Great Cycle Challenge?  Or maybe the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure.

Our Fundraiser Program can help you raise money for any charity event! 


Just join our Fundraiser Program, and we’ll give you a unique website link to pass on to to fellow cycling enthusiasts.  For every set of earHero Sport earphones your friends, colleagues or supporters purchase  (via your fundraiser link), we’ll donate 30% of the sale to add to your fundraising totals! That’s between $30-$60 for each sale.

The best part: we do all the hard work for you. (Well, we’re not going to ride the challenge for you but we’ll certainly help with the fundraising).

We’ve designed and tested this fundraising program to make it easy and enticing for people to support your efforts. We’ll provide you with some great fundraising promotional material including banner ads, email templates and more… and your supporters will get a great product while still supporting your cause!

We know fundraising can be hard.  Really hard.  Let us help!

Ready to get started? Sign up below!

How it Works

When you sign up for the fundraiser program you’ll gain access to a wide variety of resources to help you raise money for your favorite charity. Whether you’ll be telling your friends via Facebook, sending out emails or drumming up support at fundraising events, we have the materials you’ll need!

Here’s how.

  • Step One – Sign Up.  Just fill out our easy application below to get started.

  • Step Two – You’ll get immediate access to the fundraiser account full of pre-designed banner ads, email template and more.  These resources are tested and proven to work for you.  You’ll also receive a personalized link that we’ll use to track your referral purchases.

  • Step Three –  Promote earHero Sports earphones and refer friends, family or whomever to your personalized link to earn your commission.  Banner ads, newsletters, blog posts, social media, use any or all of these tools to direct customers to your link and earn a donation for every purchase made by one of your referrals.

  • Step Four – Raise Funds!  For every pair of earHero Sport earphones sold through your fundraiser we’ll send you 30% of the sale as a donation to your charity.  Payments are made on the 15th of the month following the 30 day Money Back Guarantee Period.


John is training to ride in the Tour de Cure to benefit the American Diabetes Association.  He has decided to use earHero Sport to help him raise money this year.  He sends out his fundraiser link for earHero Sports earphones to all of his friends, family, co-workers and social media contacts.

During the month of September John’s efforts result in 5 sales of earHero Sport earphones at a price of $149.99.  John earns a $44.97 (30%) for each sale.  On October 15, earHero Sport sends John a donation of $224.98 for John to add to his fundraising total for the American Diabetes Association. 

Fundraising Made Easy!

Fundraising for your favorite charity can be hard, especially if you’ve been doing it for a while.  Most people tend to contact the same list of donors over and over again.  While many are happy to donate, it can be trying to ask for donations of the same people repeatedly.

With the earHero Sport fundraising program, you’re not  asking for a donation.  You’re offering a great product and earHero Sport covers the donation.  This way, your friends, family members or co-workers get a great set of earphones that will improve their safety on the road and your favorite charity raises more money.  Everybody wins!

Furthermore, you also have a hand in increasing the safety of cyclists, motorists and pedestrians everywhere.  Traditional earbuds are dangerous.  They block out the sound of approaching cars, dogs, pedestrians and other sounds of the road.  With earHero Sports earphones, cyclists can still listen to their favorite training soundtrack while staying completely aware of their surroundings.  By promoting this amazing product you have a direct hand in improving the safety of cyclists everywhere.

Additionally, with every single sale of earHero Sports earphones, we’re supporting the Amy Gillett Foundation with a direct donation.  This donation is in addition to the funds donated to your charity of choice, so essentially you’re helping to support two charities at once!

The Amy Gillett Foundation is a charity with one purpose – reducing the incidence of death and injury of bike riders. The Foundation was born out of tragedy, the death of Amy Gillett, who was hit by an out of control motorist whilst cycling with her National Team mates in Germany. Since its inception they have been a catalyst for change, focused on what should be, rather than what is.

Lastly, the tech is just cool! earHero Sports earphones were developed and used for the FBI and CIA.  Now you have the chance to be involved with the sale of this amazing product to the general public.  How often do you get a chance like that?

 Fundraiser Program FAQ

Do I need to know hundreds of cyclists to qualify for the FundraiserProgram?

Not at all!  If you know even just one person who might be interested in all that earHero Sports earphones have to offer then we’ll donate 30% of that sale.  Of course, the more customers you refer the more money you can raise for your charity. So don’t limit yourself.  You’d be surprised how many people you know that could use a pair of earHero Sports earphones!

How much can I raise?

We will donate 30% of every sale through your fundraiser link.

How do I receive the donation funds?

Our donations will be paid to your PAYPAL account on the 15th of the month following the 30 day Money Back Guarantee period. You will be responsible for forwarding the funds to your charity of choice. For example, the guarantee for all orders made in January expires in February.  Donations from January orders will be made on March 15th.

Is the purchase of earHero Sport tax deductible?

Unlike a direct donation to the charity or fundraising cause itself, a purchase of earHero Sports earPhones will not be tax deductible.
However, by purchasing a set of earHero Sports you (or your supporters) will receive something tangible that will keep them safer on the roads while training.  They’ll also know they are helping to support your fundraising efforts along the way!

What tools do you offer to help me raise funds through the earHero Sports Fundraiser Program?

Once you sign up you will gain access to your fundraiser portal.  All the tools you’ll need, including banner ads, email templates and more, are available within your portal.

How do I get banner ads for my site?

Banners ads, email templates and other proven resources are included in your fundraiser portal.

I have access to hundreds of potential customers, do you offer anything for large volume fundraisers?

We do!  Just contact us at support@earherosports.com and we can discuss your options including customized advertising materials and more.

How are returns handled if a customer doesn’t totally love their earHero Sports earphones?

Returns are handled as part of our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  Customers can contact us directly in the unlikely event they don’t love the product and we will refund their purchase, no questions asked.  You aren’t affected as donations are paid the month following the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Period.

Who do I contact if I have questions or issues?

You can email us at support@earherosports.com with any questions or concerns you may have about your fundraiser account.


Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to both be a part of the earHero Sports  team and raise money for your favorite charity.  Get started today.  Just complete this form below, and we will be in touch to make it all happen!

Fill out my online form.

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