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Share The Road

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We just saw one of earHero Sports biggest supporters, Kristian Manietta of TriSpecific Coaching share this video on Facebook, and we just had to do the same.

As Kristian said:

We are all something to someone. This message needs to get across. For you non cyclists please lets not argue about ‘cyclists’ breaking the rules/law (not all do) because how many drivers do you get frustrated at on a daily occurrence that break the rules in some way or another?

Cycling related road accidents continues to be a major issue for cyclists.  In the UK, over 19,000 cyclists were injured in accidents during 2013.  In Australia, cycling related deaths doubled in 2013.  And during 2012 in the United States, over 33,000 cyclists were killed in motor vehicle related traffic crashes.

Please help us continue to improve cycling safety, share the road and share this on your social media pages too.

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