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earHero Sports: An Origin Story, Part Three

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The Origins of a Hero...

Every hero has an origin story. Superman has Smallville. Spiderman has Uncle Ben. earHero Sports has a ski trip to Sun Valley Idaho

Join us as we tell the story of how earHero Sport went from a spur of the moment idea to an internationally in demand product.  When we left off last week, earHero inventor Matt Murphy had just released earHero earphones to the public.  If you missed Part One you can check it out here or you can find Part Two here. 

Let’s continue our story with Part Three.

Eight hard fought years after first coming up with the idea for while on a ski trip in Sun Valley Idaho, earHero creator Matt Murphy had finally realized his dream.  Matt’s earphones did exactly what he’d set out to do.  By using balanced armature speakers earHero earphones allowed the wearer to listen to music while still hearing the ambient noise in their surroundings.

All the hard work had paid off.  Matt had done it.  earHero’s journey was complete.

Then, one day Matt got a call from the FBI.

It turns out earHero earphones were making their way through the law enforcement community. You see, Matt had shared his new earphones with a good friend who had a brother in the Air Force.  This friend just happened to work at the Pentagon and he loved earHero.  He shared them with his co-workers and contacts.  Over the course of a couple of years the earphones spread like wildfire through the Secret Service, CIA, and FBI.

FBI Training Academy in Quantico, VA (courtesy ABC News)

FBI Training Academy in Quantico, VA (courtesy ABC News)

Now, the FBI wanted Matt to come to Quantico, VA and present the earphones and their capabilities to the FBI training center.  He happily obliged.  Before he knew it, Matt was standing in front of fresh FBI recruits touting the advantages of balanced armature earphones that allowed ambient noise in.

After the success with the FBI and Secret Service, earHero earphones quickly spread throughout law enforcement.  The earphones are a favorite of special operation teams like SWAT teams, security forces and the CIA.  Security personal lauded the earphones both for their comfort (they can be worn all day with no discomfort) and for increased tactical awareness (users can maintain radio contact and complete situational awareness simultaneously).

eaHero earphones also made inroads into the sports world.  Skiers, cyclists and runners alike have found earHero earphones to be the perfect mix of comfort, sound quality and ambient noise. Just as security personnel did before them, athletes found earHero earphones can be worn for extended training sessions, allowing athletes to listen to their favorite music while still remaining aware of their surroundings.

Which brings us to earHero Sports.  Designed specifically with athletes in mind, earHero Sports earphones mean you don’t have to choose between music and safety. You no longer have to train with one earbud dangling around your neck.  You no longer have to spend hours on the bike with nothing to accompany your ride.

earHero Sports earphones

  • Balanced Armature speakers provide the highest quality sound on the market
  • Custom designed speakers fit comfortably inside the ear allowing for hours of comfortable use
  • Unique shape  allows outiside noise to pass and reach the inner ear, proving complete awareness of your surroundings
  • Used by the FBI, Secret Service and FBI

Direct from a mountaintop in Sun Vally, Idaho to your ears, by way of the Secret Service and FBI.  Don’t wait another minute.  Get your earHero Sports earphones today!


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