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Sorry Meghan, It’s Not All About The Bass!

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Although we totally agree that:

Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top…

We most definitely don’t agree that:

It’s all about the bass.

Especially, on the bike!

See, the problem with standard earphones, the ones most cyclists wear when riding, is that they seal off the ear canal; and don’t let any external noise in.

Sure this is great for normal headphone use, but when riding or running, you need to be able to hear external sounds like cars, children and other cyclists.

Now here is the thing Miss Trainor; when you use a pair of earHero earphones you don’t block your ear canals.  This allows outside noise in, improving your safety whilst training (bad-pun intended).  Inevitably, some of the bass is going to “bleed out”.

Bass Bleeding occurs when your ear canal is not sealed completely, and thus allows the bass part of the sound range to dissipate out of your ear canal via the same opening that allows sound in.

So… if you want to keep every inch of you perfect from the bottom to the top, we recommend you stop wearing typical earphones when training.  Improve your safety immediately, invest in a pair of earHero Sports…

… and then throw Meghan’s albums into your training soundtrack rotation.

Safety Never Sounded This Good!





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