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Let The Music Move You

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What is it about music that makes our workouts better?

Does upbeat music actually help performance?


We’ve spent a lot of time singing the virtues of earHero Sport earphones.

High end speaker components that compete with the best earphones on the market?  Check.

Comfort that surpasses our competitors? Double Check.

Unrivaled safety for cyclists?  Triple Check.

It’s no secret athletes of all types, walkers, runners, cyclists, skiers, love to listen to music while training.  But why is that?  What keeps us coming back to our favorite music  time after time?  Why is there such a need to find earphones that can be worn safely?

Let’s take a closer look.



Exercise is hard.  When we push our bodies to their limits and beyond, often our brain wants to push back.  When lactic acid begins to build up, when our heart rate is elevated, when our breathing is labored, our brains tell us to back off.  How many times have you told a friend “My legs were screaming for me to stop”?  Obviously our legs don’t talk, but our brain is definitely sending signals, trying to tell the rest of the body to give it a break.

Music helps us overcome these signals, in the form of distraction.  When you get lost in your favorite tracks, when you’re focused on inspirational lyrics, it becomes significantly easier to overlook the “quit” signals your brain is pouring into your system.

According to a study by C.J. Bacon and C.I. Karageorghis of Sheffield Hallam University, music also plays a vital role in alleviating the boredom and exhaustion that accompanies long, moderate intensity workouts.

 “Given that exercise is often tiresome, boring and arduous, anything that relieves those negative feelings would be welcome.”

We’ve all had that long run or endurance ride where we look up at one point only to realize we hardly noticed the passing of the last several miles.  Music helps gets you in that zone.


As noted above, sometimes those long training rides are just boring.  Sometimes you just don’t want to put the work in.  Sometimes it just seems like too much.

Music can inspire you to push past those mental road blocks.

Everyone has at least one track that sets their spirits soaring.  Usually they’re tied to an emotional memory.  Maybe a favorite movie sequence, a memorable concert or a personal moment where a specific song moved you. These are the tracks that keep us going when we’re slogging through those long training miles.  They inspire us at times where we may just not have “it”.

According to celebrity personal trainer Michelle Bridges, music is a major factor in setting your mood during exercise.

 “Music is powerful in so many ways when it comes to moving your body. Within a couple of minutes it’s got you in to the beat. I like music that is pretty fast when running, but more grungy for gym work. Choose whatever you want to fire you up and match your pace.”

Everyone has an off day.  Music can play an integral role in keeping you motivated on those days where you just don’t want to go.


Cadence is especially important for runners and cyclists.  Proper cadence ensures efficient use of energy stores.  Poor cadence can have you running out of gas long before you reach the finish line.

Fortunately, music is an excellent tool for ensuring proper cadence.

According to a study by Brunel University in London, the brain acts as a “pattern generator” and can be manipulated by the introduction of music.  This is called the “Rythym Response” and refers to the brains ability to synchronize movement with musical rhythms. Music with 120 – 160 beats per minute is typically the most beneficial to runners and cyclists.

So, if you have trouble finding the right cadence when training, try finding some music with the right BPM and watch as your cadence falls into place.

 Increased Performance/Decreased Exertion

Training while listening to music leads to increased performance, usually without the athlete even being aware of the difference.  Increased performance is derived from a combination of the factors listed above.  Music helps us focus.  It inspires us.  It improves our cadence.  Put those together and your performance is bound to improve.

But don’t just take our word for it.  A 2012 study at Sheffield Hallam University revealed participants who pedaled in time to music used 7% less oxygen to do the same work as cyclists who did not listen to music.

On top of the improved performance, studies have also shown that music decreases the amount of perceived exertion experienced during a workout.

Better results for less (perceived) hard work?  It’s hard to argue with facts like that!


Music plays an important role in the lives of cyclists.  It gets us moving, keeps us moving and helps us move faster.  Don’t leave music out of your training regimen.  And don’t train with anything less than the best earhphones!.

earHero Sport earphones let you listen to your favorite music while staying completely aware of everything going on around you.  They use the highest quality equipment while allowing all ambient noise to pass by to your inner ear.  There isn’t a safer earphone on the market.  Get yours today!

Once you’ve got your earHero Sport earphones, you’ll need something to listen to.  Check out the earHero Sports team’s favorite workout tracks.








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