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Best Earphone Accesories For Your earHero Sports

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So you’ve just received your new earHero Sports earphones in the mail.  You’ve cracked them open and taken them for a spin.  They sound great.  They let you hear everyone going on around you.  Now maybe it’s time to look at what earphone accesories can take your earHero Sport experience to the next level.

To that end, the earHero Sports team has compiled our list of the best earphone accessories for use with your earHero Sports earphones.

Bluetooth Clip


Adapt-Wireless-Receiver-Black-Front-900x900Riding with headphones dangling can be a bit of a pain.  Figuring out how to run the earphone cables across your body to a jersey pocket can be a challenge.  And if you’re listening to music on your phone then you have to be wary of the cables when removing it from your pocket or bike bag.  Bluetooth headphones have eliminated these problems but of course create some of their own.  Bluetooth headphones seal off the ear, creating the safety problem earHero Sports were designed to avoid.  So riders are once again forced to choose between not using bluetooth headphones or just using them in one ear.  We’ve been over how this is far less than an optimal choice.

Luckily, there are products out there that allow use of plug in earphones with bluetooth capability.  The Adapt Bluetooth Headphone Adapter lets you plug a standard 3.5mm audio jack into the clip, which you can then fasten on the front of your jersey.  The clip provides bluetooth functionality, allowing you to control tracks and volume.  Plus the 5 hour battery life will last you through pretty much all of your longest rides.

Microphone adapter

mic adapterHow many times have you been out on a ride when your phone rings with a call you just have to take?  Maybe it’s your spouse, your boss or your kids.  Those calls come in and sometimes you don’t have a choice but to take them.  You can either stop the ride (never fun when riding in a group) or try to fumble with your phone while riding down the road (never, EVER a safe option).

But with a microphone adapter you can take the call with the touch of a button.  You don’t have to fumble with the phone in your pocket, just tap the button on your jersey and chat away.  The Adapt Bluetooth Headphone Adapter has a microphone built into it as well so you’ve one product that will do double duty. Or maybe bluetooth just isn’t what you are looking for.  If that’s the case then this cabled version will do the trick and only set you back around $10.

Also, for those of you in law enforcement, earHero Sport earphones can be used with standard police radio gear.  All you will need is this handy adapter, made specifically for connecting our earphones to tactical radios.  The adapter also serves as a splitter so you can hear everything from your radio in both ears.


pouchSo you’ve just spent $150+ on a new set of high end earphones.  You want to protect that investment right?  Of course you do.  You don’t just want to toss your new earHero Sports into a sweaty jersey pocket or a saddle bag right.  That could toss your investment down the drain pretty quickly.

Of course, your earHero Sports earphones come with a soft shell case meant to protect them when not in use.  But sometimes you those bulky protective cases take up too much room in your jersey or saddle bag.  Maybe you’re looking for something a little smaller, a little less rigid to keep your earphones protected while out and about.

If that’s the case for you then check out this Listen and Protect Media Pouch.  It’ll only set you back $5 and you’ll have the protection you need for your earphones when you stop for lunch on that long training ride.

Cable extenders

extenderSometimes you just need more cable than comes standard with a set of earphones.  This most likely isn’t an issue when you’re cycling but earHero Sports earphones of course have many uses off the bike too.  Wearing earphones at work can cause problems when the cables are too short to allow much movement around your desk.  Or maybe you keep your phone or MP3 player in your pocket when at the gym or on a walk.  The standard earphones just won’t reach.

That’s where cable extenders come in.  For around $6-$10 you can add anywhere from 6-25 feet to your earphones.  We’re not sure what you’d need with an extra 25 feet of cable but hey, if you need it you can get it.

Whatever your needs are beyond the included earHero Sports earphone accessories, there is likely a product out there who can meet it.  What accessories did we leave off our list that you’d really like to see?  Let us know in the comments below.


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