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earHero Sports: Protective Services

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earHero Sport earphones were originally designed with sports in mind.  In fact, earHero Sport creator Matt Murphy originally came up with the idea while watching skiers listening to music with one earbud.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the ski hill and is the case with most great inventions, uses were found in areas Matt never expected.

Several pair of earHero Sport earphones found their way into the hands of FBI and Secret Service members.  The benefits of earHero Sport’s unique design quickly became apparent and the earphones began to spread throughout the security and protective services community.  Currently earHero Sport earphones are in use with the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, several police tactical units (SWAT), private security firms and high end hotels.

What is it about these earphones that the security community has latched on to?  Let’s take a look.

Tactical Awareness

Security personnel MUST know what’s going on around them.  There’s absolutely no room to miss out on even the slightest sounds.  And as we’ve noted before, the ability to use both ears at once is essential in properly determine the source and direction of a sound.

This is where earHero Sport shines.  The unique size and shape of the speaker sits inside the ear canal, letting ambient noise into both ears.  Nothing gets blocked.

With earHero Sport, nothing blocks your ears. Security personnel can listen to their radio, talk on their phone or even listen to music while maintaining the ability to hear whisper level sounds from yards away.

My guys are expected to be aware of their surroundings at all times, even when they are off duty. We use the earHero for all our missions as well as for recreation. When we have to travel we use the earHero to listen to music or a movie and we can still be cognizant of our surroundings. The earHero has been a great tool for our team! – FBI Cyber Terrorism Team Leader


Security personnel need to be able to wear their earphones for extended periods of time. Sometimes equipment will be in use for several consecutive hours.  Even the best earpieces can cause ear fatigue under these conditions.  We’ve all been there before, annoyed by that tender patch inside our ear where the earpiece has been resting.

Once again, earHero Sport’s unique design comes in to play here.  The tiny,rectangular speaker actually sits inside the ear canal, not on the edge of it like most earpieces.  The extreme lightweight design doesn’t exert pressure on the ear, reducing ear fatigue and greatly increasing the time the earphones can be worn comfortably.

earHero Sport’s ergonomic design also moves with you throughout the day.  The lightweight cords rest over the ear and can be run down the back or sides to the radio.  Strenuous activity, like chasing down a suspect or climbing to a rooftop vantage point, won’t jostle the earphones.

The bottom line – earHero Sport is designed to be comfortably worn for hours without coming loose.

I’ve used the earHero on over 30 critical details in the U.S., and around the world. It’s much more comfortable to wear, low profile, and allows better surrounding area situational awareness. – WHCA Presidential Communication Security Team Member


Sure, earHero Sport earphones don’t look like much, but don’t let appearance fool you.  Like the best superheros, these little guys can take a beating.  Designed with hard use in mind, earHero Sport can stand up to the rigors of regular use.  Drop them, twist them, knock them around.  They’ll keep coming back for more.


Everyone knows how to spot a plain clothes security guard or police officer right?  The telltale coiled tube behind their ear is a dead giveaway.

With earHero Sport there’s no coiled tube.  The translucent wires drape comfortably over the ear and blend in with your scalp.  The earphones are difficult to detect when not in close proximity, allowing the wearer to remain unnoticed in more situations.

As a shift leader on a two-week operation, I used the earHero and wireless push-to-talk system 12 hours per day. I experienced great sound quality and absolutely NO ear fatigue. I highly recommend the earHero as an alternative to the standard coiled tube – Member U.S. Secret Service


What good would all of these features be if earHero Sport didn’t work with standard police radios?  Luckily they do.  Just pick up this adapter and your earHero Sport earphones can be connected to your radio within seconds.

I’ve been in law enforcement for the past 27 years. I’ve seen plenty of earpiece designs marketed over the years and have tried many of them without complete satisfaction. Most have been less than acceptable until now. The Ear Hero with radio adapter is just awesome. Complete situational awareness while providing stereo hearing – Ryan King

Check out this video to see how it’s done.

earHero Sports earphones are a relatively new product on the market, but that hasn’t stopped them from quickly becoming a favorite in the security and protective services community.  earHero Sport’s unique blend of comfort, improved tactical awareness, discreet and durable design provide security personnel with more of what they need.  Don’t miss out on this great product, get yours today!

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