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earHero Sport Earphones: Not Just for Cycling

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So you’re a cyclist right?
Are on the fence about of a set of safe, high quality earphones that let you hear everything around you while training. 

Maybe you’ve looked over the Frequently Asked Questions.  You’ve read about the safety features.  You’ve explored the origins of the earphones themselves.  But maybe you’re just not quite sure about earHero Sport yet.

Fair enough.  Let’s take a few minutes then and take a look at the other ways you can use your earHero Sport earphones to get the best bang for your buck.


OK, so this is an easy answer.  Everything that applies to cycling applies here.  eaHero Sport earphones are comfortable, high quality earphones that let you hear everything around you.  That benefits the runner just as much as the cyclist. Whether you’re running on the sidewalks of a major city, on back country roads or on park trails, the ability to hear what’s going on around you in invaluable.

And don’t discount the benefits of listening to music while training.  As we’ve previously explored, listening to music can improve the quality of your training, can motivate you and actually lead to performance boosts.


earHero Sport Earphones and Skiiing

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Another easy answer, especially as earHero Sport earphones were the brainchild of a clinical audiologist while he was on a ski trip. Music, audiobooks and podcasts can keep you company, adding to the enjoyment of your favorite activities, whatever they are.

Music can be a valuable companion while hitting the slopes.  Earbuds are a common sighting at ski resorts around the world.  Yet hurtling down the side of a mountain is also the kind of activity where all of your senses are necessary.  While music can be a benefit, blocking out the sounds of the slopes can be dangerous.  With earHero Sport earphones you don’t have to choose between safety and enjoyment.


 At Work

Do you sit at a computer all day, plugging numbers and figures into a computer?  Or maybe you work outside as a landscaper.  Or maybe you’re a delivery driver?  Or maybe a welder?

If your job affords you the opportunity to listen to music during your workday, then consider a pair of earHero Sport earphones.  You’ll be able to take in your favorite tunes while remaining able to hear your boss, or your co-workers, or the  phone.  And with the comfortable, in the ear fit, you can wear your earHero Sport earphones all day without any discomfort.

And don’t let the need to spend time on the phone deter you from from listening to your favorite music.  earHero Sport earphones don’t need to be removed to talk on a handset.  Since our earphones don’t seal off your ear canal you can hear everything on your phone without ever having to remove your earHeroes.


Whether you’re working in the yard, cleaning out the garage, cooking dinner, or doing the dishes, music can make chores seem a little less daunting.  But maybe you’ve got a houseful of kids.  If so you can’t really afford to block off all the household noises (as much as you may want to at times).

With earHero Sport earphones you’ll hear every note of your favorite song as well as every yell, scream, laugh, cry, phone call, doorbell or timer from around the house.


earHero Sport and Sleeping

Photo Credit: Brodermd.com

Many people who have trouble sleeping have found that listening to music, naturally soothing sounds or audiobooks at night can help them fall asleep.  However, finding the right volume level on a bedside speaker can be troublesome.  Too loud and it can disrupt your partner.  Too quiet and it doesn’t do you any good.

Earphones haven’t proven much better.  While allowing the wearer to adjust volume to their specific need, earphones can be extremely uncomfortable when pressed against a pillow.  If you toss and turn a lot they can easily fall out too.

With earHero Sport’s unique fit, you don’t have to worry about discomfort or losing your earphones during the night.  The speaker sits inside the ear canal and is held in place with our Retention Lock.  Since the cable sits over and behind the earlobe, you won’t have to worry about pulling the earphones loose when you move around at night.

Just remember, when sleeping with your earphones it’s best to keep the volume low to prevent hearing loss from extended exposure.  You’ll also want to set a timer to automatically turn the sound off after an hour or so.  While music or audiobooks can help you fall asleep, the sound can also disrupt sleep patterns.  You don’t want to solve the “I can’t fall asleep” problem only to develop an “I can’t stay asleep” problem instead.


As you can see, earHero Sport earphones have a myriad of uses beyond the bike.  Our high quality, safety inspired earphones can be used in virtually all aspects of your life.  Don’t miss out!  Get yours today!

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