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Best Cycling Rides In The United States

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Are you looking for a new challenge?
Is it time to plan your next cycling vacation.
If you’re planning a trip in the near future then let the earHero Sports team help with our list of the Best Cycling Rides in the United States.

The Mountain Climber

Mt. EvansColorado

4 Hours of Climbing on Mt Evans

Mt Evans (summitbike.org)

Only serious climbers need apply. Mt. Evans, located in central Colorado is home to the highest paved road in the United States (14,256 feet). Cyclists can climb from either the town of Idaho Springs, CO or the Mt. Evans Entrance Station.

The trip from base to peak will take even the best climbers 4 hours or more. According to Olympic and Tour de France rider Ron Kiefel, Mt. Evans is a classic.

“Evans isn’t the steepest or craziest mountain I’ve ever done. But it’s a complete classic. There aren’t many places you can climb for four hours straight.”

The climb will take riders through valleys, past gorgeous lakeside vistas, eventually finishing in the barren moonscape found only at the highest peaks. The reward for your hard work? Views of nearby Pikes and Longs Peaks as well as sweeping views Rocky Mountain range.

Currently there aren’t any guided tours tackling Mt. Evans so you’ll have to ride self supported. But when you make it to the top you’ll have a story to tell that very few cyclists can claim.

For more information on Mt. Evans, visit the official Mt. Evans website.

The Pacific Coast

Marin CenturyCalifornia

California really has it all for cyclists: climbing, flats, rolling hills, scenic ocean overlooks, historic forests. Whatever your ride preference, California has it.

One of California’s best offerings is the Marin Century. Held every year in Northern California’s Marin County, the Marin Century and Mt. Tam Double offers cyclists everything from a 30 mile loop to a 200 mile endurance fest. Climbers can tackle the 94 mile leg burner that takes you to the top of Mt. Tamaplais before descending through California’s historic redwood forests.

The fully supported ride includes multiple rest stops, SAG support and an impressive post race feast. To top it off, the ride helps raise funds to support several charities including the Marin County Bicycle Coalition and Trips for Kids , a charity that helps troubled youth through the benefits of cycling.

For more information check out the Marin Century website.

Midwest Lake Country

MSU Gran Fondo – Michigan

Herman Miller Brickyard Criterium (Dwight Wade)

Herman Miller Brickyard Criterium (Dwight Wade)

Named the #6 Gran Fondo in the U.S. by GranFondoGuide.com, the 80-mile MSU Gran Fondo travels  from the city of Grand Rapids to the shore of Lake Michigan and back.  You’ll ride a gently rolling course through farmland before traversing the sand dunes that line Lake Michigan.  And while there aren’t any climbs to speak of, the winds coming off the Great Lake will provide ample challenge for your day.

As amazing as the route is, the food included for riders may be even better. Grand Rapids’ Gilmore Collection restaurants offer wood-fired breakfast pizzas, sandwiches, and fresh-baked cookies at three rest stations along the route.  When riders return to Grand Rapids, they are greeted by a street party featuring beer tents and the city’s best food trucks. And yes, lunch is included. All riders receive meal and beer tickets with their entry.

To top it off, while enjoying a well earned BBQ sandwich and a beer, Grand Fondo riders can watch the pros race the Herman Miller Brickyard Criterium on the brick streets of downtown Grand Rapids the same day.

For more information check out the site for MSU Gran Fondo.

New England

Lake Champlain Tour Vermont

If you’re looking to book a multi-day cycling trip, consider this tour of Vermont’s Lake Champlain. Soujourn Bike Tours facilitates this six day tour was ranked one of the World’s 10 Best Bike Tours by Frommers.

Aside from airport transfers, you won’t have need of a car for your entire trip. You’ll travel by bike to five different inns while touring the scenic New England countryside. You’ll ride through beautiful farmland, hike to waterfalls and have ample time to explore some of the United States most historic villages.

You’ll end with a ride around Lake Champlain, finishing up in Essex, New York, an entire town listed on the National Historic Registry.

For more information on this ride visit Sojorn Tours.

The Cross Country

Cross Country USA – Oregon to Maine

Do you have 45 days to spare? Does the thought of dipping your tires in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to bookend your ride appeal to you? Maybe you should consider Trek Travel’s Cross Country USA.

This trip will set you back a pretty penny ($16,999.00 U.S.) but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Traveling 3,700 miles and climbing over 140,000 feet you’ll see everything the States have to offer while traveling from Portland (OR) to Portland (ME).

The real kicker? You’ll be riding your new, top of the line Trek carbon fiber road bike (included in the trip price).

The Cross Country isn’t for everyone. Heck, the Cross Country isn’t for most. But if you have the means to make it happen this is a ride you’ll never forget.

For more information on the Cross Country visit Trek Travel.

If a big ride or cycling vacation are in your future, there are plenty of options around the United States.  But big rides mean big training.  Don’t miss out on a pair of earHero Sport earphones.  They’ll let you listen to music while allowing you to hear your surroundings during those long training rides.  earHero Sport earphones are the best mixture of sound quality and safety on the market.  Get yours today!
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