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earHero Sport: Bootcamp.com Interview with Matt Murphy

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We’ve highlighted the origin story of earHero Sport.  
We’ve discussed the safety features.
We’ve been over the benefits of listening to music while training.


But you don’t have to take our word for it.  earHero creator Matt Murphy was interviewed by Bootcamp.com, a tech blog that reviews gadgets and gear.  Matt’s interview covers several aspects of earHero earphones, including the origin of the product and several unique aspects of earHero Sport earphones.

Club ProgramSome highlights:

  • The speakers used by earHero Sport earphones are unique in the earphone market.
  • The lack of bass in earHero earphones is due to “bass bleed”.  However, when you  wear earHero Sport earphones for 15-20 minutes your brain filters out the difference in sounds and you won’t really notice the difference.
  • Our earphones are routinely worn by Secret Service agents for up to 16 hours a day without comfort issues
  • Sealing off the ear, as done by most earphones and earbuds, causes pressure within the ear canal.  This in turn leads to hearing loss.  earHero Sport earphones don’t create this pressure since the ear canals are not sealed off.
  • earHero Sport earphones are ideal for cycling and other athletic endeavors as they allow you to hear all surrounding sounds
  • earHero Sport earphones can be worn seamlessly all day.  Wear them to work, in your car, on the bike or on the run.  earHero Sport can be worn comfortably all day and will keep you aware of your surroundings at all times

You can listen to the full interview at Bootcamp.com.

earHero Sport earphones are unique in that they were designed with safety as the priority.  Take a few minutes to hear what earHero inventor and CEO Matt Murphy has to say about this revolutionary new product.  Whether you’re a cyclist, a runner, security personnel or someone who is just looking to listen to music without giving up on their surroundings, earHero Sport earphones have something to offer just about everyone.  Get yours today!

earHero Inventor Matt Murphy



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