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earHero Sport: How To Care For Your Earphones

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You’ve just un-boxed your new earHero Sport earphones.  Maybe you’ve tested them out a few times.  You of course love this new purchase and look forward to many, many miles of training with your new earphones.

So, how do you ensure the earphones last for all of those miles?  Yes, earHero Sport earphones are made from the highest quality material and use top of the line speakers, but if you don’t take proper care of your earphones, you run the risk of significantly reducing their lifespan.

With that in mind, let this handy guide help you keep your earHero Sport earphones working just like the first day.  Ride after ride.  Mile after mile.


earHero Protective Case

  1.  Keep them in a protective case.  Store your earphones when not in use. Your eaHero Sport earphones of course are shipped with a stylish hard cover case that will keep your earphones safe for years to come.  If you want something a little smaller, and easy to store in a small pocket, a cloth pouch will offer the protection you need.
  2. Don’t be too rough.  Sure, you’re going to beat up on the earphones a bit while training. We’ve built them from durable material to account for this.  Just don’t go tossing them around when you’re not wearing them.  Don’t twist up the cables.  Don’t toss them, unprotected into the bottom of your gym bag.  earHero Sport earphones are durable, not indestructible.
  3. Keep them dry.  As with all electronics, earHero Sport earphones don’t play well with water.  Sure they can handle some moisture – during a rainy ride for instance. Just be sure to dry them off thoroughly when you’re ride is over.  You definitely don’t want to go swimming while wearing them.  It’s best to also avoid dropping them in your glass.  If they do get wet, be sure to dry them as soon as possible.
  4. Keep them clean.  Wipe your earphones down with a soft cloth to clean away any sweat or dirt that might have collected on the cords.  You’ll also likely have to deal with earwax buildup on the earpieces.  When this happens just follow these simple steps to keep your earpieces
    Earwax guard: Click to enlarge

    Earwax guard: Click to enlarge


  • Remove the earwax guard.  This is the small, white ring at the tip of each earpiece.  This ring can get plugged with wax and is the part that needs to be cleaned.
  • After you’ve removed the earwax guard, soak it in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes.  This will soften the wax, allowing you to gently remove it with a cloth or q-tip.
  • Thoroughly dry the earwax guard with dry cloth or paper towel.  Be sure you get it COMPLETELY dry.
  • Re-insert the earwax guard into your earpiece.

Proper care for your earphones really is that simple.  Just a little TLC will keep your earHero Sports working like new for all your future training miles.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

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