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Why You Should Never Ride With Only One Earbud In.

If you haven’t noticed yet, here at earHero Sports, our primary focus is athlete safety.

We firmly believe our earphones are the best combination of sound quality and rider safety on the market.


earHero Sports earphones use balanced armature speakers (see our in-depth description here) that allows ambient noise to pass over the speakers, reaching your inner ear.  This allows you, the rider, to enjoy your favorite music while still maintaining awareness of everything around you.

However, we’ve repeatedly heard one specific argument from riders.  It usually goes something like –  “I use traditional earbuds. I just leave one out.”

While this is certainly safer than plugging both ears with traditional earbuds, it is still far less than ideal.

The reason?  Binaural Hearing.

OK, that was a big science term.  Sorry.  Stay with us here.

According to the  Waisman Center in Wisconsin, USA, a clinic specializing in the treatment of patients with hearing lossBinaural Hearing refers to our ability to integrate information that the brain receives from two ears.  This system of hearing allows us to process information in noisy, confusing environments.

This means when you are out riding our bike, your brain uses the information from both ears to identify the source, location and movement of everything around you.

With our ears situated on opposite side of our heads, sound waves reach each ear at slightly different volumes, at slightly different times and frequency.  Your brain interprets these minute differences to make millisecond decision about what you are hearing and more importantly where it is.

Check out this informative video for more on how the process works.


Are you starting to see why this might be important to a cyclist?

If you block, or hamper one of your ears, then the signals that reach your brain are altered.  This can lead your brain to misinterpret, or even worse, completely miss important information.one ear

In the high speed world of cycling, even a tiny bit of misinformation can be disastrous.  The cyclist overtaking you on the left may seem farther away than he really is.  You may not hear the car engine rev slightly when it moves to pass you.  You may take a few extra seconds to locate the source of that angry sounding dog bark.

With earHero Sports earphones, none of this information is lost or altered.  Ambient noise from your surroundings is allowed to pass over earHero’s tiny speaker as it sits in your ear canal.  There’s no delay, no altering of signals.  You’ll hear everything. Including your music!

Hearing is of the utmost importance to cyclists.  Don’t trust your safety to anything less than the very best.  Get your earHero Sports earphones today!



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