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How To Wear Your earHero Sport Earphones.

earHero Sports earphone aren’t designed like the average earphone you buy off the shelf.
So naturally, they don’t wear like the average earphone.

This quick guide will show you how to properly fit your earHero Sport earphones so you can get out on the road and enjoy your music safely.

Note, earHero Sport earphones are ear specificEarphone L goes with the left ear.  Earphone R goes with the right ear.

  1. Adjust the slide bead on the cord all the way to the bottom of the Y.  This will allow plenty of slack for a proper fit.
  2. With R in your right hand and L in your left, place your earHero Sport behind your head.
  3. With your right hand, bring R from behind, over the ear until it is even with the ear canal.
  4. Gently insert R into the ear canal
  5. Press the Retention Lock into the bowl of the ear. The lock acts like a spring and secures your earHero Sport in the ear.
  6. Repeat with L for the left ear.
  7. Adjust the slider bead behind your head to reduce slack for more security.

Check out this short video as well for a demonstration on how to wear your earHero Sport earphones.  earHero was originally designed for the FBI and CIA (as earHero Pro) so keep that in mind while watching.  We certainly don’t expect you take down any bad guys while on your training rides.

The Safety + Sound Experience

We also want to briefly touch on the audio experience you get with earHero Sports earphones.

The  speakers used in earHero Sport earphones  are balanced armature speakers, which are also found in high end earbuds like Shure and retail for as much as $1000 (only 3-4 companies in the world make this level of speaker quality.)

The difference between us and our competitors is the safety factor.  Where all other high-end earbuds seal off your ear canal, earHero Sports earphones do not. This is essential and necessary to allow ambient noise to pass over the unique, rectangular shape of our speaker.

Allowing ambient noise into your ear canal is what allows you to hear everything going on around you and keeps you safe.

However, this also allows some sound to “bleed out”, particularly on the bass end of the sound spectrum.  This leads to the slightly higher pitched, less bass driven sound than studio-style traditional binaural headsets – but it is designed that way for a reason. 

It’s important you don’t use earHero Sports earphones expecting studio level sound reproduction, as it’s just not possible without sealing the ear canal; and thus sealing off any ambient noise such as cars, bike, children etc.


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