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Why earHero Sports?

So you’re interested in earHero Sports but you’re just not sure what makes these earphones so great?  Well this is the post for you.

We’ve talked a lot lately about the programs we offer, how to wear your earHeros and about some of the reviews we’ve gotten.  We haven’t really given you an in depth look at why these are the earphones you want.  Well that changes today.


At earHero Sports our primary focus is rider safety, so lets start there.  You’re a cyclist who enjoys listening to music, audio books or podcasts right?  Of course your are, or else you wouldn’t be researching a set of high quality earphones aimed at cyclists.  Yet most cyclists face  sub-optimal options when it comes to earphone choices:

  1. Wear traditional earphones – This option seals off your ear canals and prevents you from hearing your surroundings.  This is extremely dangerous as you can’t hear approaching cars, cyclists, animals and the like.  With the high speeds involved in cycling, it is imperative that cyclists maintain awareness at all times.  Plugging your ears while hurtling down the road is a recipe for disaster.  This really isn’t an option.  Let’s move on.
  2. Wear traditional earphones but only plug them into one ear.  Many riders use this option, leaving the roadside ear open in order to better hear oncoming traffic.  However, this option still plugs the other ear, leaving you able to hear properly from one direction only. Your brain uses input from both ears to locate the source of sounds.  By plugging one ear your reduce your ability to locate sounds.  That means you may not hear that dog running up on you from the field until its too late.  Once again, this option is less than ideal.
  3. Don’t wear earphones. The safest of the three options, but kind of hard to listen to music this way.  Sure you can strap a speaker to your handlebars or fender guard but the sound quality is garbage and you’re projecting your music onto everyone around you.  Again, not ideal.

With earHero Sports earphones you can listen to music while still allowing all ambient noise to reach your ear canals.  earHero Sports’ unique size allows the speaker to sit comfortably inside your ear canal.  The rectangular shape prevents the canal from sealing, allowing noise to pass the speaker, reaching your eardrum.  This means you miss nothing.  Not your favorite guitar solo. Not the climactic battle in an epic sci-fi audiobook.  Not the diesel truck driving up behind you.  Not the cycling club overtaking you on a training ride.

earHero Sport earphones keep you safe on the road while still allowing you to enjoy whatever media you choose.  End of story.

Sound Quality

earHero Sports earphones feature cutting edge Balanced Amature speakers. According to earHero founder and clinical audiologist Matt Murphy, only 3-4 companies in the world make these speakers, and  are used in high-end headphones like Shure that can retail for as much as $1000.00.

Commonly found in the headphones used by musicians to allow excellent sound feedback during noisy concerts and performances, balanced armature speakers use the same components as traditional speakers (magnets and coils).  However, instead of using traditional, moving, round speakers, balanced armatures use an armed drive foil.  Because balanced armatures don’t need to move air back and forth they are able to produce better sound at a quieter volume.

For a better, more scientific description of how balanced armature speakers work, check out this video:

By using balanced armature speakers, earHero Sports earphone produce some of the highest quality sound on the market.

As noted above, earHero Sport earphones don’t seal the ear canal.  This is required to allow in ambient noise and provide the safety cyclists and runner require while out on training.

This “lack of seal” design feature does lead to some “bleeding out” or loss of sound, particularly at the bass end of the spectrum. This leads to the slightly higher pitched, less bass driven sound than studio-style traditional binaural headsets – but it is designed that way for a reason. 

It’s important you don’t use earHero Sports earphones expecting studio level sound reproduction, as it’s just not possible without sealing the ear canal; and thus sealing off any ambient noise such as cars, bike, children etc.

By using Balanced Amature speakers in earHero Sports, you get the best sound quality possible in a set of earphones specifically designed with your safety as the priority!


 One problem universal to earphones of all types is the discomfort they cause.  Whether you use an over the ear sport earphone or the molded earbud type, most everyone experiences some level of discomfort with prolonged wearing.

 This is typically due to the universal nature of earphone design and the not-so-universal nature of the human ear.  Over the ear clips and earbuds are designed with a “One Size Fits All” mentality.  Sure, some models will have two or three choices for the earbuds, but short of paying for a custom molded earpiece, its very hard to find earphones that fit just right.  This leads to soreness in the ears with prolonged wearing.

 earHero Sport earphones don’t have this problem.

Our earphones feature a unique, tiny speaker that sits comfortably INSIDE the ear canal.  The speaker doesn’t exert pressure on the ear canal opening like traditional earbuds so you don’t get the soreness common to earbuds.   earHero Sport earphones are held in place the the unique locking mechanism that again, doesn’t exert any pressure on the ear.  The earHero Sport cords lay loosely over the top of the ear with no need to clip in place like the over the ear style of sport earphones.

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All of this leads to an incredibly comfortable wearing experience.  You can wear earHero Sport earphones for hours and barely notice they’re even there.  You won’t find comfort like this in any other set of earphones.


earHero Sport earphones provide a unique mix of safety, sound quality and comfort that you just can’t find anywhere else on the market today.  You don’t have to sacrifice safety in order to listen to music while training. Don’t miss out on this unique product.  Get yours today!

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