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TechTalk Road Test

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Everyone here are earHeroSports, are so grateful for the recent TechTalk Road Test received in Australian Triathlete Magazine:

As consumers we are constantly bombarded with products that boast to be the best this or the fastest that. The extrememly savvy marketing and PR specialists responsible for brand promotion seem to posses the ability to tap into our psyche and convince us that anything is a must have purchase. Often we, the all too believing, are left disappointed when said product doesn’t deliver the epic highs promised. Now, without sounding like a marketing or sales rep, the earHero Sport is one out of the box – a product that actually seems to deliver on its promise. What is this priomise you ask – the world’s safest earphones. Now I really cannot 100 pecent confirm nor deny if it is, in fact, the one and only safest as I haven’t tried every ear phone on the market. What I can tell you is these are unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Any product that was developed for the FBI and CIA ticks my street cred boxes. As a crime show buff, when first opening the package and seeing a device that looks akin to that the Secret Service or James Bond would use, makes me feel a new level of tough. Designed and developed by a clinicial audiologist, this product is not just about looks. With thanks to the patented design of earHero’s earpiece, you can hear your music with amazing clarity, while still be completely attuned and aware of surrounding noise like traffic.

Our tester, professional triathlete Jimmy Johnsen who lives in inner city Melbourne, is very aware of the dangers of riding in traffic. Spending everyday masterminding through the traffic congestion of the Sydney Road precinct, a strip notorious for car vs bike vs trucks vs car door incidents, a product like earHero Sport could ease much of that anxiety.

Here was his reaction

When I first opened the package it took me a moment to work out which part was the jack and which were the buds – I have never seen anything like it. Once I worked that out, I had to work out how they go in place. After a couple of attempts I got the buds to sit in the correct spot, right down in my ear. The first couple of times were challenging but by the third time I had it sorted.

The noise test

I was completely shocked at the sound quality, so much so I had to turn the volume down, as it was so clear. It was like hearing sound, real sound, for the first time. I thought ‘ok the sound is great – I could hear someone talking next to me but what about on the road’. All I can say is wow. I could hear all the traffic around me, as though I had nothing in my ears. At first it was a little strange to get used to but very quickly I was left with a total sense of calm while riding. I felt safe, something you don’t always feel when in the traffic.

Two Thumbs Up

  • I could hear what riders in the group were saying without having to yell to hear over my music and because the buds are in.
  • The 135cm long cable which is 15cm longer than standard headphone cables, making it very handy to place in your cycling jersey.
  • Because the earphones are positioned right down in your ear, they stay in while running, a huge plus. •
  • The cord is soft and easily bent so it feels weightless while running and riding. Weighing just 6g they more or less are!


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