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earHero Sports: Protective Services

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earHero Sport earphones were originally designed with sports in mind.  In fact, earHero Sport creator Matt Murphy originally came up with the idea while watching skiers listening to music with one earbud.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the ski hill and is the case with most great inventions, uses were found in areas Matt never expected.

Several pair of earHero Sport earphones found their way into the hands of FBI and Secret Service members.  The benefits of earHero Sport’s unique design quickly became apparent and the earphones began to spread throughout the security and protective services community.  Currently earHero Sport earphones are in use with the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, several police tactical units (SWAT), private security firms and high end hotels.

What is it about these earphones that the security community has latched on to?  Let’s take a look. Continue reading

Best Earphone Accesories For Your earHero Sports

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So you’ve just received your new earHero Sports earphones in the mail.  You’ve cracked them open and taken them for a spin.  They sound great.  They let you hear everyone going on around you.  Now maybe it’s time to look at what earphone accesories can take your earHero Sport experience to the next level.

To that end, the earHero Sports team has compiled our list of the best earphone accessories for use with your earHero Sports earphones. Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Headphones Cause Hearing Loss

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These days you can’t turn around without seeing someone wearing headphones.  Everyone uses them, from kids, to adults to grandparents.  And with the advancements in MP3 players, iPods, smartphones and the like, we’re listening to them longer and louder than ever before.

Unfortunately, according to hearing experts, this is leading to hearing loss at a record level.  Nearly 50 million Americans currently suffer some form of hearing loss, including 1 in 5 teens.  The World Health Organization warns that over a billion teens and young adults worldwide are at risk of hearing loss.

The culprit?

Loud Music 


Extended Use Continue reading

Let The Music Move You

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What is it about music that makes our workouts better?

Does upbeat music actually help performance?


We’ve spent a lot of time singing the virtues of earHero Sport earphones.

High end speaker components that compete with the best earphones on the market?  Check.

Comfort that surpasses our competitors? Double Check.

Unrivaled safety for cyclists?  Triple Check.

It’s no secret athletes of all types, walkers, runners, cyclists, skiers, love to listen to music while training.  But why is that?  What keeps us coming back to our favorite music  time after time?  Why is there such a need to find earphones that can be worn safely?

Let’s take a closer look. Continue reading