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Why earHero Sports?

So you’re interested in earHero Sports but you’re just not sure what makes these earphones so great?  Well this is the post for you.

We’ve talked a lot lately about the programs we offer, how to wear your earHeros and about some of the reviews we’ve gotten.  We haven’t really given you an in depth look at why these are the earphones you want.  Well that changes today.

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Why You Should Never Ride With Only One Earbud In.

If you haven’t noticed yet, here at earHero Sports, our primary focus is athlete safety.

We firmly believe our earphones are the best combination of sound quality and rider safety on the market.


earHero Sports earphones use balanced armature speakers (see our in-depth description here) that allows ambient noise to pass over the speakers, reaching your inner ear.  This allows you, the rider, to enjoy your favorite music while still maintaining awareness of everything around you.

However, we’ve repeatedly heard one specific argument from riders.  It usually goes something like –  “I use traditional earbuds. I just leave one out.”

While this is certainly safer than plugging both ears with traditional earbuds, it is still far less than ideal.

The reason?  Binaural Hearing.

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earHero Sports: Affiliate Program

Get Paid Supporting earHero Sports!

Earn money when you refer customers who purchase earHero Sports earphones

Do you write a cycling blog?  Maybe you run a bike shop?  Or maybe you just know a lot of passionate cyclists.  If so then you need to check out the earHero Sports Affiliate Program.

Cyclists are known for their obsession with the latest bike tech.  They’re also passionate about their own safety.  earHero Sports earphones give them the best of both worlds. These revolutionary earphones let in all the sounds of the road while still letting them enjoy their favorite training soundtrack.

We want you to help us get this amazing product in the hands, and on the ears, of as many cyclists as possible.  As a reward for helping out you’ll earn a hefty commission on every sale.  It’s easy too, all you have to do is direct prospective customers to earHero Sports through banner ads, email links or social media.  You’ll earn 30% commission for every sale you generate.

The best part: we do all the hard work for you.  We’ve designed and tested some great advertising material including banner ads, email templates and more.  You’ll receive access to all of this material as part of your affiliate account.  It’s all proven to work and will help you sell this great product!

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